Studio News: Q-Tip To Finally Release Kamaal The Abstract


Q-Tip has finally acquired the rights to the 2001 album Kamaal The Abstract which was shelved in 2002 by Arista Records. According to XXL, the re-release will also include several new tracks one of whom might be “That’s Sexy” which we played on the Podcast a few months ago.

Q-Tip will also release a new solo LP, entitled The Renaissance on Universal/Motown sometime in Spring 2007. Not much is known about the album or if it will include any former members of A Tribe Called Quest, who reunited briefly last year for a tour. The prospects for another ATCQ reunion , however, album are grim. Q-Tip told XXL, “I don’t want to say never, but at this point, I think we’re done for now.”

Oh, and speaking of Kamaal, I proudly downloaded that CD from RapidShare, which was shut down today by GEMA, the German version of the RIAA. Thanks for the memories.