Random Ish: Spank Rock on Jimmy Kimmel Live And Other Music Notes

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Spank Rock. Could this not be one of the hottest late night rap performances ever? Damn, that was live! Were they this good when they played Black Cat? I’m slapping myself right now. Move coverage and interview at The Fader.

And for the record, when I went to see Jimmy Kimmel Live I saw a crappy performance by Tommy Lee. But I did get run over by Kimmel (long story), and I met Daniel Dae Kim from Lost so it’s all good.

The music charts were down yet again this week with the top seller, Dreamgirls, selling 60,000 copies. Remember that DJ Drama had 80,000 copies of his mixtape confiscated this week. So maybe the RIAA was jealous?

Not only that, but the same day they busted drama, the music labels came down hard on websites that post Soundscan (chart) Numbers. Let’s all go out and buy CD’s, cause now these dudes are pissed.

Speaking of labels, J*Davey quietly signs to Warner Brothers Records. This could be good or bad depending on how you feel about the majors and left-field artists. Hopefully they’ll get a proper album out soon, since their EP has almost melted from the number of plays it got last year.

According to the insiders, Amy Winehouse killed it in NYC this week. She had not one, but two sold out shows at Joe’s Pub backed up by The Couch Sessions’ favorite house band, The Dap Kings. Too bad it was her only show in North America. DC needs some love over here.

Ian links to a fly Wayne track (sampling Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”) that still doesn’t convince me that he’s a worthy of all the “best MC ever” hype. Also, Wayne seems to be glad that DJ Drama got busted because the “authorities” are “gonna straighten the game out.”

And don’t forget Commonwealth opened in DC this week.

  • ian

    Stone, UR not impressed by Lil Wayne but go ga-ga for Spankrock??!! That gets a double WTF??

  • Stone

    Ian, I’m not saying that Wayne is a bad MC, but I don’t think he’s worth the “greatest of all time” hype that he’s been getting. Have you listened to his rhymes on Stuntin’ Like my Daddy?

    And Spank Rock is underestimated as an MC in my opinion….

  • ian

    I think Wayne is prolly top 5 right now. The Wayne = G.O.A.T. talk is mostly just hip hop hyperbole in reaction to past-their-prime old timers like Jay still trying to hog the MC spotlight. Based on the stuff I’ve heard from Spank Rock though, he’s garbage. He can’t even see Wayne. He’s making rap music for people who don’t really like rap music (i.e. hipsters who also think the Clipse made the best hip hop album of last year).

  • Stone

    Hey man, to each their own. Like I said, I don’t think Wayne is bad, but I just think he’s overrated. People keep sending me that “Georgia Bush” track to say that he’s the new King and I just don’t see it. I would take Killer Mike or Clipse over Wayne any day of the week. (“Shooter” is nice tho)

    And yeah, I dig Spank Rock. Their album was the most played on my ipod last year. I guess that makes me a hipster blipster then.