Random Ish: Friday, January 26th, 2007


Gnarls Barkley/Red Hot Chili Peppers killed it at the MCI Verizon Center last night. Yes, I was the only Black spot in there, but I wasn’t gonna turn down quasi-free club level tickets. Gnarls Barkley is prob. one of the more entertaining live acts I’ve seen in a while. Cee Lo is a little crazy though, and rambled between songs. And Danger Mouse looked like he borrowed that Prince outfit from the Chappelle’s show spoof.

Speaking of the MCI Center, Gilbert Arenas came outta nowhere to make the NBA All Star Team, beating the heavy favorite Vince Carter? Vince Carter?? I haven’t followed the NBA in a hot minute, but I still thought this dude played for the Raptors.

Staying on Sports…..next Sunday two Black coaches will lead their teams into the Super Bowl. Is this significant? Of course it is. This would be unheard of 20 years ago. It’s sad that a major sports league had to be forced to interview Black candidates because they thought that we weren’t smart enough to coach football. Now we have two of the most talented coaches ever.

I’m currently working on a couple new Podcasts for the masses. One is gonna be a tribute to ladies of soul and R&B. I know one artist who’s definitely gonna be on there.

They’re trying to ban all-ages shows in DC. This is straight BS. Much respect to the 17 year old who was murdered last weekend, but her death had nothing to do with her being under 21. It’s another example of politicians trying to get cool points on an issue rather than deal with the social underpinnings that contribute to gun violence in the first place.

Tyra Banks = NOT FAT.

The return of Another Bad Creation????
Say it ain’t so.

Transformer Kicks???? This is too crazy to be real
. (via Ian)

And most of you who know me personally have received this via email/myspace/im. But for the rest of y’all…this is no way reflective of my home state of Alabama.

I might have to pay a DJ to do a Baltimore Club remix of this one.

Going to have a hot interview (and talk about the relaunch of TCS) next week….