Movie Notes: Dreamgirls, 300, Smokin’ Aces

(pic from Concrete Loop)


Dreamgirls pretty much swept the Golden Globes last night with my new homegirl Jennifer Hudson winning best supporting actress and Eddie Murphy won best supporting actor. The film also won best picture musical or comedy and even Beyonce got nominated for something. I was supposed to see Dreamgirls last night but chose to watch 24 instead, so I can’t pass judgment on the film. But I do have to say that this bodes well for a possible Black Oscar win that doesn’t involve Three 6 Mafia.

Smokin’ Aces

The trailer for Smokin’ Aces looks hot. The movie also casts Common and Alicia Keys which could be good or bad considering how you feel about rapper (singer)/actors. Keys does play a sexy assassin named Georgia Sykes, which might be worth the price of admission alone. I’m putting the movie on my must see list. Oh, and WTF was up with Jeremy “Hug It Out” Piven playing bongos during Common and Bilal’s performance on the Tonight Show? Piven is the main character in the movie, but I still did not see that coming.


The first time I saw the 300 trailer, I was like…..damn. The last time I felt that was probably when I saw Sin City, which is coincidental because both movies are being done by the same people. Rob at Marketing Pop Culture posted that the test screenings for 300 scored higher than the Matrix which is good news. This might be the only movie worth seeing in 2007.

Oh, and everybody please see Children of Men. That movie is too incredible for words.