London Meetup??


So a couple people suggested this to me a long time ago, and I’ve been kicking it around ever since. Anyway, since it seems that The Couch Sessions get so much love from the UK I was thinking…

Would ya’ll be down for a London Meetup?

Keep in mind that I don’t know if ya’ll do the “Meetup” thing over there. That’s more of a DC Hill thing. Also, I haven’t been to LDN since I lived there 5 years ago so I know nothing about the bars over there. But I’m thinking something real low key. This is all in the planning stages though. The only day I have to do it is Thursday, March 1st. If enough people are interested, let’s say 10, then I’m down for it.

So email me, leave comments, or hit up on the MySpace and we’ll see if we can make this happen.

(And don’t be offended by the picture. I had to put that in for comedic effect)