I should be an A&R Dude

Update: I tracked down her original interview from 3 years ago on YouTube. I linked to this from Article Online but it got removed from the original source. And someone is getting me her 2003 demo as we speak (I LOVE my UK people.) Her demo is a cross between old school Amy Winehouse (read: jazz) Mariah Carey, and Corinne Baily Rae. Good look to the people who have emailed me about this girl. More to come…

Update 2 Leona is in LA recording her new album and will make her US debut during American Idol this year. (Good look on the info).

I’m on an crazy R&B kick right now people, bear with me.

The Couch Sessions: Spotlighting talent since 2003: Leona Lewis. I wrote about this girl in 2003 people. 2003. She was doing her acoustic soul/jazz thing at the time. Anyway, the post got a positive response back then in the comments and her best friend Shamila was supposed to set up an interview, which her management dropped.

Anyway, Leona went on to go to win The X-Factor (which I guess is like American Idol since that dude Simon is on there), and she’s got the number 1 single in the UK. She’s also about to sign a $10 million dollar US recording contract this spring with Clive Davis. (Yo, can I get a cut of that? Just 1%??)

I don’t wanna brag on myself, but what can I say…..I can tell if someone’s a star within 30 seconds of hearing them. The Couch Sessions is just adding to their track record of spotlighting good talent. More to come on that real soon…