Ghislain Poirier Mixes African Hip-Hop

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Xplastaz – Tanzania

Just want to pass along this dope mix of African hip-hop by Ghislain Poirier. I gotta say….I wasn’t expecting this to be so damn crunk. Could African Hip-Hop be the next big thing?

Ghislain Poirier
AFRICAN HIP-HOP MIX (Stream/Download on zShare)

1. 37mph – All In The Name Of Fun ( South Africa )
2. Tuks – Clap ( South Africa)
3. Xplastaz – Msimu Kwa Msimu (Tanzania)
4. Peter Miles – Owango RMX ( Uganda )
5. Awadi – Stoppez les criminels feat. Tiken Jah Fakoli ( Senegal )
6. 994 Crew – Bad Boy ( Mauritania )
7. Unathi – Sgubhu Sam’ ( South Africa )
8. Abass – Zibi zibi zaba ( Senegal )

Spotted at Catchdubs, The Stencil

  • Graeme Gilfillan

    the above compilation – Ghislain Poirier
    I deal with business affairs for the SOuth African Label “Ghetto Ruff” ( and must comment that this AFRICAN HIP-HOP MIX contains masters without clearance, as follows
    1. 37mph – All In The Name Of Fun ( South Africa )
    7. Unathi – Sgubhu Sam’ ( South Africa).
    This undermines the project, and taints it with corruption, as asking to use the works and rights from master and song owners before use is the correct way. Were a request received, the request most probably would have been granted as its a good project. Why would the label behave like this and run its name into the ground in a google world. Further does this site check the validity of what it puts up at the site? Quite clearly this site is asked to immediately withdraw this compilation, given that it is a rip-off.

  • Etienne

    Poirier will air Friday night a new african hip-hop mix on a BBC Radio 1 show. Here’s a link to a preview:

    The second mix will be available for download on it’s own during the weekend.

  • Etienne

    Poirier will release a second african hip-hop mix during the week-end. It’s first going to air Friday night on a BBC Radio 1 show. You can have a preview of this new mix here: