Dad Got HOSED People. Not Hos, Hosed

Has anyone seen that new Verizon commercial with Isiah Whitlock Jr from the Wire? It goes a little something like this:

Anyway, I was searching for the video on the Internet to send to a friend and came across message boards with questions like this:

Ok iz it me (probably) or in that new Verizon commercial when the kids ask what dad got did her really say “Dad got hoes” I mean what the hell is that supposed to mean?

No people. Dad got “hosed.” Not ho’s. Hosed. It seems like the Internets are about to erupt into a mini uproar about the whole situation. I can’t be too surprised. The term “hosed,” which the Urban Dictonary descrbies as “To deceive or trick somebody,” ain’t really a part of the black vernacular.

But what takes the cake is this tread on the Cocoa Lounge forum.:

That comment didn’t sit very well with me at all …. I over heard it on TV and when I looked back I didn’t see any socks in the Black man’s hand.. he looked at his children and begin walking away ..

This is very disrespectful … what is this commercial implying .. even if this commercial showed some socks in the black man’s hand .. I still believe it was not appropriate…

I guess that is why those who have childern need to monitor the shows they watch and what is viewed on television..

I will be sending a letter to verizon ….

But what, there’s more.

So the commercial could be saying in essence..that Black Men got Hoes..

Although I know it’s nothing new for the media to put the black man or race down but this is just to much .. what about the children that watch tv… when parents are not home .. umm single family house holds.. and they hear this .. what do they do .. take it to the streets and repeat…

Negro please. If the dude got ho’s for Christmas he would be jumping for joy like any respectable straight man would. Like I said before. Hosed, not ho’s. Say it out loud and repeat over and over again. Hosed, not ho’s. Sounds like an abstinence PSA, doesn’t it?

I would’ve personally wanted to see Whitlock bust out in his trademark “Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit,” at the end. That would’ve made me sign another two year contract with Verizon.