The Coup/Mr Lif Injured in Bus Crash. Tour Postponed.


The Coup and Mr. Lif’s bus flipped over in California on route to San Diego on a leg of their tour. From OKP:

early this morning about 40 miles off sandiago the bus lif, metro, wiz and the coup were in flipped and burst into flames. there were varying degrees of injuries but everyone is alive and doing decently. i cant get into too many details but i wanted to let you guys know whats up. lif and met have already been discharged from the hospital. wiz is still in with injuries. most of the coup have been discharged. the bus was burnt to a crisp and they lost all merch/equipment/personal belongings etc. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY EVERYONE IS ALIVE. THANK GOD.

i will let you all know more later including a place to send get well cards to wiz and anyone else who may still be layed up for a while. im sure it will be a second before the internet is available to cats but feel free to give up your get wells right here for now.

Boots Riley, Pam The Funkstress, and Mr. Lif were able to make it out okay. Backup singer Silk-E broke some ribs, while the bus driver suffered serious injuries.

Everything, including equipment, laptops, clothes, etc were lost in the fire. Their tour will be postponed indefinitely. Our prayers go out.

Update: Boots Riley Makes a plea for donations on The Coup’s MySpace blog:

We lost everything in that crash and fire. We were packed to live and do shows on that bus for a month. Most of us had every stitch of clothing we owned on there. We lost clothes, computers, recording equipment, cameras, IDs, phones, keys to cars and homes. We lost cash.We lost all our damn instruments and equipment to perform with. We were and are happy to walk away with our lives. But now we’re home. Most of the band touring with The Coup has kids, rent that won’t quit, bills, and holiday expenses coming. We need money, because like I said the band doesn’t have the tools that they make a living with. Not only did we lose cash and material things on the bus, but we also were depending on this tour for money to make it through. It may take a year for us to see any money from the insurance company.

Make a donation on their MySpace Page.