Best of 2006: Top 5 Youtube Videos of 2006

The topic is self explanatory. I could go into how YouTube has changed the way we look at video, etc, etc, but Time magazine already covered that. But these are the videos that made me die laughing.

Cassie on 106th and Park
– I knew Cassie was a fraud from day one, but I think this visual proof convinced even the staunchest 15 year old girl that this chick is no good.

D*ick In a Box – No matter what the haters might say, giving a girl your junk in a box is funny. Nuff said.

OK Go – These dudes went from being unheard of to actually getting on MTV. All they had to do is spend a few hundred dollars to put their video up on YouTube. God Bless America.

Indian Thriller – Nuff Said

And the Best YouTube video of 2006 is…

Little Superstar. There was a point in my life where I watched this clip every day before I went to work in the morning. This dude can still out dance half the people I know.