Best of 2006: Couch Sessions Breakout Artist of the Year


Danny Swain

Danny Swain – Can’t Wait (Radio Edit)
(Direct Download)
Danny Swain – Cafe Surreal (Mediafire)

To say that D. Swain made moves in 2006 would be an understatement. The Georgia based rapper might just be the prototype for do it yourself artists in 2007. The dude produced, rapped, promoted, and designed the website for his current album release, Charm. Oh, did we mention that Charm made the shortlist for the Grammy’s this year and that dude got an invitation to go? Yeah, the dude is making movies.

We first profiled D. Swain back in July. I still stand by my “Next Hotness” claim, because after about 5 months of repeated listening in my car, Charm has not gotten old. It’s definatly a good look as one of my favorite albums of the year. Everythng works. The beats are insane, the rhymes are on point, and the skits are actually entertaining (and most of you know how i can’t stand rap skits.) Like I said before, D Swain is on that Kanye tip……without the crazy.

Bonus: Swain is making is full album collection avalable for free on his MySpace blog. That’s what’s up.

Danny Swain Official Website
Danny Swain at the MySpace