What do you Want?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Sometime between now and the end of the year, I’m going to revamp the site but I’m trying to narrow the focus of what we cover because the demographics of the people who come here are pretty damn amazing. The people who come to TCS are more likely to be black, college educated, urban, professional, use the Internet regularly, and have an iPod. Not only that, but we have followings in the UK, Germany, and the Middle East. The dudes on Madison Avenue are shouting “skeet skeet skeet” as I type.

I realize that I must leverage the site more to serve this growing but under served demographic. But even though I know who reads the site, I don’t know what y’all want. Since we cover so many types of things, TCS hasn’t really established a solid identity. But to make this site more attractive to marketers and new readers alike, I figure it might be a good time to narrow the site’s focus to cover one or two main topics.

So what do you think TCS should focus on?

New Artists?



DC artists/DC Hip-Hop?







PLEASE let me know in the comments. Don’t send me emails like last time
. Oh, and if there is anything you want to gripe about, add it here as well.

  • dcfist

    Instead of the pile-on reviews – which you do a great job of not doing. (Eg. 200 words on why The New Jay-Z/clipse/snoop album blows) – there should be more profiles of up and coming artists, local yeah, regional. etc. More substance in those profiles…

    oh, and free up the comments, let there be a more natural flow between comment leavers

    more to come.

  • Dwane

    yo….i’ve been a reader for a while, just want to say big ups with the site

    i wanna see…

    -NEW MUSIC!!!!! I got turned on to a bunch of new artists by comin’ to this site. keep it up

    -more reviews and interviews

    -more underground stuff/less commercial

    -old skool hip-hop

    -def. up for more non hip-hop content as long as its not wack

    -more articles like this:

    and please….SHRINK YOUR PICTURES! i got dsl over here…

  • Stone

    DCFist – As far as the “pile-on” reviews go, that’s just a result of my work schedule. It takes me a few days to do a decent review and by that time, most every blog and their baby mama would have one by the time i get around to posting one

    I still have a stack of CD’s on my coffee table waiting to be reviewed. I’m prob. gonna outsource CD reviews to someone real soon…

    I’ll def. gonna approve comments faster, but FYI I don’t even touch this site over the weekends so any comment made after Friday won’t get approved until Sunday.

  • Stone


    -NEW MUSIC!!!!! I got turned on to a bunch of new artists by comin’ to this site. keep it up

    Trust me, I get hit up by rappers/PR people all the time, but most of the music I’ve been getting sent lately have been “eh” so it’s not even worth posting

    -more reviews and interviews
    Working on that….my work schedule is crazy right now, so I prob. won’t have an interview until the first of the year at the latest

    -more underground stuff/less commercial
    I feel you on this, but unfortunately people only really go crazy when I post something about Jay-Z

    -old skool hip-hop
    Eh….I think the whole “old school hip-hop” meme has been beaten to death. I would rather do more “Whatever Happened to?” posts

    -def. up for more non hip-hop content as long as its not wack
    Pushing to do a lot more of this in the future…

    and please….SHRINK YOUR PICTURES! i got dsl over here…

    New site design is going to have less pictures and hopefully will load faster.

  • bittersweet

    new music–doesn’t matter what genra just as long as its new and dope.

    give reviews/and interviews with the new musicians

    mp3’s are a must…..

    and only do mainstream if it’s new and interesting gossip

    and yo….what’s up with the podcasts???

  • Wendy X


    You know I’ve been reading the site since the beginning, so I’m not gonna mince words :)

    Seems like most of your posts have been lacking substance lately. I guess its because of your work, but your lack of attention is showing. Most of your posts recently have been of the “I’m sorry, I’m working” variety and its wearing thin.

    Interviews and Podcasts are a must. I loved all of your Podcast interviews, especially the JDavey one. I like the music Podcasts too, but the interviews are what makes the site stand out.

    As for mainstream/underground, I think you’re better known for highlighting new and upcoming artists rather than someone like Jay-Z or Ludacris. I don’t mind a LITTLE mainstream content, but you shouldn’t try to compete with the MTV’s and Clear Channels of the world. Its not worth it.

    Hopefully this helps :)

  • Ragdoll

    Hey, first like most I got to say site is pretty great as it is! But if you want change I’d say…


    -More up and coming artist reviews….interviews…articles

    -More underground music reviews….interviews…articles

    -Mainstream….eh only if it’s something you’re absolutely SURE we haven’t already been beaten to death by it’s presence on the radio.

    -Afro punk is cool

    -More in the alt/rock/indie genre

    So… that’s all. lol.