Vote Or Die


Let’s step away from the music/culture/hip-hop thing for a moment….

Tomorrow, people have a chance to make history again. Tomorrow is a chance for America to make a choice. If you vote yes to the Republican Party, then you’re giving them a pat on the back for their policies in Iraq. You’re giving them a high five for their handling of Hurricane Katrina. You’re giving people like George Allen the okay to call people macaca or RNC leaders like Ken Melman the right to run racist ads against black candidates and lead minority voter suppression efforts.

If you read that first paragraph and don’t plan to vote, then hey, its a free country. Do what you gotta do. But if you want change in this country, take your lazy ass to the voting booth tomorrow, if only for the fact that Republicans want spend millions of dollars to teach abstinence to 29 year olds. That should get you pissed.

And yes, massive voter intimidation and suppression efforts are in the works, as well as suspicious electronic voting machines in Virginia and Flordia. If you see anything flaky please call the National Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

Update: HBO’s Hacking Democracy Documentary (Full Version) with download link for Video iPod.