Random Ish: The We Beat Yo Ass Edition


All I gotta say is….dayum. The Rethugs got trounced. (Most of) America has waken up to the f*cked up policies of the Bush Administration. The House? The Senate? Rummy gone? Right Wing Senators gone? Macacawitz ousted? A new Black Govenor? It’s like Christmas came early.

And yes, DC Voting Rights is back on the table. Damn straight.

Anyway….you know that I hate talking about pop music on this blog, but damn, I feel bad for K-Fed. The dude found out that he was gettin’ divorced via text message and the dude only sold 6,000 copies of his god-awful CD. K-Fed is having the worst week ever.

Cop it before they take it down….The full version of Style Wars is on Google Video. Download to your video iPod.

Speaking of iPod…

The new Ron Artest music video.

Lupe Fiasco – Dedicated – Decent joint that could’ve made Food And Liqour but hit the cutting room floor.

The new whip for the paranoid rapper.

Jet Li + Jackie Chan in movie together? Go on…

I’m way late to the party on this one, but no one deserves 15.5 million dollars unless you have some physical pain. Emotional distress dosen’t count.