Random Ish: The Happy Spanksgiving Edition

by Winston "Stone" Ford


So I booked my tickets to the LDN last week. That’s right people, my ass is going to London for a much needed vacation (or holiday as my British peoples say). I’m defiantly trying to set up some interviews with UKHH artists so I’ll keep you posted on that.

I gotta say that I can’t defend OJ Simpson anymore. I’ve tried to defend his ass for almost 12 years now, because honestly, he was found innocent in the court of law and we must respect that. Plus he’s a brother, and you know….but WTF is up with this “If I did kill them, here’s how I would have……but I didn’t kill them…” mess????

You trust fund kids are messed up. I’m serious. This ish is just wrong. Some dude decides to mess up some brand new Nike Pigeons (D….weren’t we just talking about those Friday?) worth 2 grand and some dude decides to buy a new PS3 and destroy it minutes later. Dude, just donate it to the poor. (via Ian)

And on a related note…I didn’t think that buying a PS3 would get you shot and stabbed. Plus two riots (one in Tysons Corner even) Is it that good??

I can’t watch Seinfeld anymore. Michael Richards (Kramer) told a black audience member that should be lynched and decided to call him a nigger multiple times.

Oh, and the Hell Hath No Fury Leak is better than the Jay-Z Leak. I’m sorry, but I’m just not excited about Jay’s material. Hell Hath No Fury, doesn’t even come close to Clipse’s last record, but Pusha and Malik’s album is vastly more exciting that anything on Kingdom Come. I’m about to start an uproar, but hey, that’s why we’re the redheaded stepchild of hip-hop blogging.

But I have to say that Jay-Z’s hanger tour was crazy. I’m surprised the dude was able to pull it off. And Hits predicts that the dude might drop 1 million copies in its first week, so much respect.

Ms. Marsha interviews Akon.

RIP Gerald Levert. EJ has a musical tribute. (What’s up with all of our R&B Legends going before their time? Barry White? Luther? Now Levert??)

I haven’t’ been up on the Rock music like I used to be, but Mute Math is on some next level ish. The stuff ranges from alternative rock to some crazy instrumentals….all on vintage instruments. Solid.

  • Michael in Los Angeles

    Have fun in London Stone. Wifey is from Londontown and I always have a good time when we visit. Beware the exchange rate – it sucks… Check out Brighton if you’ve got a date – like being in San Francisco in the UK – real romantic. Be safe.

  • Stone

    Yo, thx for that. Yeah, not lookin’ forward to the exchange rate at all….heard good things about Brighton…might check it out

  • Carlona

    I guess we finally got to the bottom of why this website really doesnt get shown that much love!

    talk about unfactual… and whack content.