New Music: Tabi Bonney/Yo Majesty

Much apologies for not profiling new artist in a while, but with so many major 4th quarter releases dropping, I haven’t had time to search for new music. However, I came across two acts on the MySpace that I think y’all would like.

Tabi Bonney is that new heat from DC. I gotta admit that I passed over Tabi initially when I first heard his tracks. The DC artist is on the come up though (for DC that is, which means that he probably won’t get heard north of Baltimore which is a shame), and the dude had the nerve to drop the first decent video from a DC artist since I moved here.

Obviously, Bonney is taking the Andre 3000 approach to hip-hop, which is causing some contention in the DC community because he’s not “real” enough. Whatever, keep doin’ what you do man.

Yo Majesty – The Monkey (Audio NSFW)

This might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Actually, it’s probably not anyone’s cup of tea, but I’m diggin’ this. Yo Majesty is a trio from Tampa that makes 90’s era throwback booty music. It reminds me of that time before Baltimore Club, when Miami Bass and ATL Booty music ruled the world! Yo Majesty is what the world needs right now. Their EP (in collaboration with London producer Hard Feelings UK) has some live band/punk elements as well with pounding electro synths and lyrics that would make Luke proud.