Late Pass: Gym Class Heroes


Gym Class Heroes – Its Okay, But Just This Once

I’m really not a big fan of nerd rap. You would think that being a nerd (computer programmer) that I would be all over that ish, but for the most part, I find most of that stuff trite and boring. Okay, I find most music these days trite and boring, but there is just something about listening to most nerd rap (sans Lupe Fiasco, of course) that almost puts me to sleep.

However, having that said I finally got a chance to listen to Gym Class Heroes’ As Cruel as School Children after seeing their badass performance on the MTV U Woodie Awards. The album is one of those genre mashups of pop, hip-hop, and indie rock but manages not to f*ck it up in the process. Credit this to lead MC Travis McCoy, who is a battle tested MC and is a more prolific that most MC’s in this subgenre.

All I gotta say is: cop this! Who cares if its suburban whiteboy Nerd rap. I mean, if you’re looking for gangsta, this definately ain’t it. But still, this is probably one of the more refreshing albums that I’ve heard all year. It’s probably not the best album I’ve heard in 2006, but it’s getting more and more spins on my Ipod every day so who knows.

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