YouTube Is Dead (The Nyoil Debacle)

YouTube used to be one of the greatest inventions on the Internet. But unfortunately, after the merger with Google the site is officially becoming “dead to me,” as Tony Soprano would say.

First up, the new YouTube will use a digital flag to monitor copyrighted content. In edition, Time Warner is looking into over 100 million copyright violations on the YouTube site and claims that their ready to sue if necessary. You fools. YouTube thrives on copyrighted content! And that’s a good thing. Record companies such as Time Warner are all up in arms that people are putting music videos on YouTube and are steady sending out cease and desist orders. For what? They should be happy that people like their artist’s videos to the point that they are putting them on their websites/blogs/MySpace pages and they are emailing them to their friends.

It’s called free publicity fools! Now a music video might get more spins on YouTube than MTV. And it’s all USER DEMAND. You bastards better recognize…

But the new controversy that is arising from YouTube is the banning of the “Y’all Should All Get Lynched” video by some dude named NYOIL. YouTube banned the video for unknown reasons last week after it got over 5,000 views in a day. Why YouTube banned this video is a mystery. Sure, its controversial (check the title), but is it controversial enough to get banned? No. That’s an MTV move.

Do I agree with the message and content of the video? No. There are greater psychological explanations for bling and coonery in Black culture. But that’s not the point. The point is that this video is trying to inspire debate. And unfortunately, if people question the images that are being sent to them it will cut into the billions of dollars these companies make.

This is why people have embraced YouTube and MySpace in such large numbers. The Internet gives people the right to choose what they think is popular, and not some dude in New York. But unfortunately, the media monopoly won’t just let their money go freely. So consumer driven companies like MySpace and YouTube are being bought out so they can push highly inferior products (like Fergie) to the mainstream.

Oh, and MySpace keeps deleting the YouTube videos of the Dancing Midget from my friend’s profile. What is up with THAT???

FYI: The video is showing on which was sued by the Universal Music Group last week. Check my article on Blogcritics for more info.