Where In Washington D.C…..

So I’ve lived in D.C. for 3 years now, and while I have been to the hoodest of hoods for work and the preppies/squarest/fake hipsterest spots to kick it, I’m still in search of many things that are unique to D.C. Therefore Couch Sessions readers speak on it:

Where is the best grocery store?

Where/Who is the best butcher?

Where is the best theater?

Where is the best mexican food?

More questions after the jump…

See people I have been reading this issue of Dwell that had an expansive cover of Chicago. It named a bunch of places that were unique to the Chi and that help give the city its identity….are there any places, other than Bens Chili Bowl, like that in D.C.?

Where is the best mechanic? Auto Body shop?

Whats the best park?

Are there any decent theaters outside of the jawn in Silver Spring?

If you’d like to add anything else, speak on it. I have peoples coming in town for the next few weeks and I gotta show em more than Adams Morgan.