Vibe, You Suck

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Anthony David – Smoke One

So I was thumbing through the pages of Vibe on the bus to day and I came across a very familiar face on the NEXT section. Seems like the dudes at up in NY are only just now profiling my boy Anthony David, and that’s probably just because he’s opening up for India.Arie.

Well, I just want to let y’all know that we interviewed Anthony David on the Podcast a year ago.

The Couch Sessions 1
Vibe 0

Who’s on the cutting edge of the industry now? Yeah, I thought so. Bring it fools!

  • Rob Fields

    It’s not that VIBE sucks. It’s just that you’re closer to innovation as it relates to certain types of music than they are. Here, if you see/hear something and dig it, you put it on. VIBE is a big business and, like any other corporation, has high walls that must be scaled in order to get in. Add to that the fact that there are a limited number of editorial pages (a number that changes based on how much advertising can be sold in a given month), you now have a scarcity situation. Opening for India.Arie helps a relative unknown like Anthony make the cut, since this is momentum that the folks in VIBE can see and be comfortable with.

    Now, if they were smart, they’d leverage you and TCS as scouts, much like the record industry talent scouts of old, which would bring them closer to what’s next and sooner. . . See? There’s your Million Dollar Idea for the week. Ping me, and I’ll let you know where to send the check. :)

  • Michael in Los Angeles

    Nope – Vibe sucks…

    Sorry Rob, not as elequent as you but I wanted to keep it simple. Haven’t read an issue in years.

  • Stone

    Rob-I definitely agree with your breakdown of the situation. I just was frustrated that the NEXT section became a place to profile music label’s pet projects rather than real artists. And yeah, I know you have to drop a name like India Arie or whatever to get “respect” in the industry but eh…blogs can and will do a better job at these things because “old media” is just not set up for speed and efficiency.

    And as for your idea…..i’ve been somewhat doing this for the past year, so no check for you!

    Michael – I would’ve dropped Vibe last year, but my credit card was on automatic renew, so i’m stuck with it for the next two years :(