Random Ish: Working for the Man Edition

I’m not white, but nerdy….maybe.

Apologies for the lack of updates. I have a confession to make…

I wish I could say that I’m some aspiring hip-hop journalist from New York, Chicago or the Bay. That I have some connects in the industry or what not. Most people think I am. But alas, I do have a day job. I’m a lowly computer programmer in this hicktown that we call DC. I know it’s not “gangsta” enough for some of ya’ll, but it pays the bills and will probably put my kids through college.

Anyway, things should get back to normal sometime next week. If you contacted me during the week via email, I’ll try to get back to you this weekend.

On to random ish…

I’m glad that people are discussing the sudden rise of coonery in black music. I don’t really mind the Chicken Noodle Soup thing, but the Ms. Peachez thing just took us back about 60 years.

Amerie working with Gnarls Barkley? What?

And I’m pissed that I missed the Saul Williams DJ event at Liv last Sunday. I was outta town and didn’t get back home until 1. It’s okay though, I had my fun 🙂 Did anybody go?

Oh, and speaking of DJ’s………PLEASE DON’T play some booty music right after a slow song. That ish ruins the mood.

As for the Foley thing, here’s my opinion. What Foley did was messed up, but what is more scandalous is the fact that all the Rethugs knew about this dude years ago and did nothing about it. If they can cover up this, then who knows what those fools are up to.

Oh, and while I’m at it……here is a rundown of the fall TV shows I’ve seen so far:

Ugly Betty: It’s cute, but I can’t really get into it because I’m not a 15 year old girl.

Lost: The writers are dropping the ball on this one. Word is that that they’re dumbing down the show to appeal to “casual fans.” How sad it that?

Friday Night Lights: Easily the best new drama on TV right now. I’m surprised that no one is watching it. It’s Texas and Football. Nothing is more American than that.

Studio 60: I’m trying to give this show a chance, but it’s become a waste of my time. That’s sad, becaue DL Hughley needs the work.

30 Rock: Who knew Tracy Morgan could be funny?

More reviews to come after I clear up my Tivo. And I promise to have some reviews and contests for yall next week. There’s a whole stack of CDs on my coffee table that are dying to get some airplay.