Random Ish: Tuesday, October 24th

Damn, I’m not gonna be able to hit up CMJ this year and its a shame. The parties above look hot though. Let me know if you’re gonna attend any of them because I might want to do a writeup/interview for the site.

So a local rap group gets signed to a major label AND drops an album and no local media outlets cover it? This is why I’m starting the DC Music Summit people. Our local media doesn’t do s&#t to promote local artists.

Congrats to F Young of Cincinatti, OH for winning our J Dilla Competition. Frank gets limited edition Donuts vinyl and CD’s. I’m personally making a donation to the J Dilla Foundation in his name as well. I got another contest on deck coming up soon.

MediaFire is better than Rapdishare, YouSendIt and MegaUpload. It’s almost too good to be true.

Also, I’ve been getting a few emails about people not being able to listen to Podcasts. They seem to be working for me but I’ll be looking into it. I know that I had to Ghetto rig the iTunes link since those fools never officially approved me to be an official podcast, but whatever.

SOHH is reporting that Talib Kweli’s latest album, Eardrum is being pushed back from its November 7th Release date. Its most likely due to the fact that his first single, “Listen” has not gotten any airplay/traction on major radio and MTV.

The Clipse album is finally on track to drop this month though. Peep the video for Wamp Wamp.

Scottie Beats, a DC area music producer and production engineer was shot last week after he tried to chase down some people suspected of stealing his car. The worse part? When he tried to call 911 he got the shaft. Why in the hell are the 911 systems in this area so bad?

The priest who inspired Mark Foley to hit on young boys didn’t have sex with him when he was 12, BUT gave him buck nekkid massages and went skinny dipping with him? And the dudes says that since there was no sex involved that it was okay. Huh? Am I missing something.

More from Listen to Leon, which is becoming my favorite blog on the internets right now.