Random Ish Radio 015 – NEW Camo Lo, Mos Def, Kardinal

by Winston "Stone" Ford

B-Boys at the Crafty Bastards Art Fair in Adams Morgan (Credit Dcist, Night Heron)

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MP3 Download: The Couch Sessions Podcast – Random Ish Podcast

So yes, the Couch Sessions Podcast is now called Random Ish Radio. No, it dosen’t have anything to do with Apple possibly trademarking the term Podcast. Its just that after a year of doing this thing, I felt it was time for a name change. More detailed information is contained in the show. So if you’re curious….LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.

Unfortunately, I’m working some crazy hours at the moment, so I can’t get into an in depth explanation of what songs I picked and why, but it’s another chill sessions for some reason. Don’t ask me why, because I do get crunk on occasion.

Tracklisting as follows:

  1. Slick And Rose – Life Today aka The Nicolay Joint :)

  2. Basic Vocab – Likeness
  3. Kardinal Offishall – Amen
  4. Camp Lo – Ganja Lounge
  5. Sway – Little Derek
  6. **INTERLUDE**
  7. Junk Science – Do It Easy
  8. Sleepy Brown – Dressup
  9. Mos Def – Sun Moon Stars

Good look to Slick and Rose and Junk Science for sending MP3’s my way. If you want your MP3 on Random Ish Radio email me at articleonline [at] gmail [dot] com. If it’s good, I’ll play it. If you talk about driving Escalades and pimpin’ hos (when we all know that you drive a Civic) then I won’t.

  • Miss Hipstah

    I am so psyched to listen to this podcast.

    Oh and why do I see like 3 or 4 people i know in that photo from Adams Morgan? :)

  • Dwane

    my comments…

    # Slick And Rose – Life Today aka The Nicolay Joint :) – DOPE
    # Basic Vocab – Likeness – not the best, but good to chill to
    # Kardinal Offishall – Amen 2X DOPE! who is this dude???
    # Camp Lo – Ganja Lounge – 2X DOPE…CAMP LO IS BACK!!!
    # Sway – Little Derek – okay…can’t get into UKHH
    # **INTERLUDE**
    # Junk Science – Do It Easy – DOPE
    # Sleepy Brown – Dressup – DOPENESS FOR THE GROWN AND SEXY
    # Mos Def – Sun Moon Stars – WTF?

  • Ms.Marsha

    Thanks for the shout Stone! Last I heard about the Mos Def album is that it was due out a couple of weeks ago, and features Pharrell, Kanye & Rich Harrison on the production. As if that didn’t raise enough eyebrows, he’s doing no press for it, and no album artwork. *fidgets*

    The Kardinal track you played [‘Can I Get An Amen’] is fressssh. He always brings the lyrics..

    It’s a shame you’re all hearing more Lady Sov than Sway over there.. how’s she being received??

  • Stone

    Hey… problem

    Yeah, I don’t know what the deal with Mos is. No promotion????? I bet he will start whining about the lack of “real hip-hop” when no one buys the album!

    Yeah, the Kardinal is SOLID….

    As for Lady Sov…they’re being smart and not marketing her to the hip-hop community over here because of the three strikes rule (white, British, female)….so in turn they’re marketing her to the hipster set. She’s doin’ aight with them, but she can’t pull the buzz that MIA had when she came here a couple years ago. I still think that Jay-Z must’ve been off when he signed her to Def Jam.

  • Ms.Marsha

    I watched Sway perform live with Lupe Fiasco last night.. he’s great onstage. Both of them are, Lupe actually blew me away. What a natural!

    MIA had a buzz over there?? Wow.

  • Stone

    Ha ha…all my friends in the UK are miffed about the whole MIA thing. I guess she wasn’t that big over there, huh?

    She wasn’t a star over here in a, Beyonce kind of way. She never sold that many records but she was able to sell out the 9:30 club here (DC’s version of the Brixton Academy, I guess?) twice in one year, plus she got coverage in Fader, Rolling Stone, etc.

    Apparently she lined up Kanye, Timbo, Missy and the Neptunes for her next album….so I guess she gonna blow up soon