Put You On To….

by Rome

The Game feat. Will i am – Compton

Game Show Me….…to say dude gets busy on this is an understatement. Could his album be the most hyped of this fall season? And actually be worthy of the hype?

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  • Michael in Los Angeles

    I had the pleasure of hearing my fellow Comptonite “Game” being interviewed on the radio during my morning commute. POWER 106 here in LA was hyping up the brotha’s new album like it was an unearthed Tupac album from 1998. As they played various cuts from the new joint, I realized two things… I’m no longer the target demographic and it doesn’t take much to have a hit record these days.

    If someone out there is truly a fan of “The Game’s” new record – give me a lesson on what I’m not seeing/hearing.

    Back to my new Seu Jorge record. That’s where my head has been for the past week…

  • Stone


    I feel ya. There’s a lot of Clear Channel rap that I can’t get into these days. Then there’s a lot of “conscious” rap I can’t get into either. Then some days I wanna listen to Seu Jorge or rock out to Wolfmother….but i’m just crazy like that

    As for The Game..I thought that Documentary was a damn good album, and the tracks I heard on XXL have me quasi-excited about Doctor’s Advocate. Personally though, I don’t have much respect for the dude cause he has too many enemies. I can’t even keep up.