New Jay-Z – Lost Ones

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Jay-Z – Lost Ones
(from Nah Right)

New Jay-Z ish from Kingdom Come. I don’t know about y’all, but I think he’s phoning it in on this one. The rhymes sound a little sloppy, but the beat and the hook make up for it. I’ve heard from a source that there’s only a handful of quality singles on the album and most of it sounds rushed and below the level of his previous efforts.

Sometimes I think that Jay ran back into the studio because he feels like he has to personally keep Def Jam afloat. With the failure of the Ghostface album and The Roots experiment, DJ is look like like it might be on the ropes. “Show Me What You Got” was a killer single. Not exceptional, but it was enough for people to take notice of the album. But with hip-hop sales in the doldrums, people are gonna expect quality from an established artist like Jay. If he doesn’t bring it, then Def Jam is screwed.

But I do have to defend Jay on one thing…..the dude is not from Marcy anymore, so why do you want him to rap about “the streets?”


    i like the subject matter on this one. jay’s new flow is taking some time to grow on me…

    the beat is so so, the hooks ok. but the beat is kind throw away to me. like this is the best dre’s interns (no hi-tek) can come up with these days?

  • Dwane

    i feel you on the jay album. the track is hot, but i’m not really running out to buy another jay-z album. but most people are….it will drop at 600k just on jay’s name alone.

    who’s the girl on the hook? sounds like a combination of macy gray and badu

  • Willz

    first off when has jay ever not came hard, i no vol. 1 was jus ok but every one there after was hot. yall gotta fall back, jus cause every one in tha game talkin bout fake shit its makein it hard to come on some real shit. jay dont put shit out to make niggaz happy he do him. n on LOST ONES tha nigga give you 3 different styles to fuck wit. n niggaz dont feel it cause what, he talkin bout B, Dame Dash, his nephew gettin killed in a car wrack. kingdom Come gone be hot can its gone be real talk on tha whole CD. but niggaz now dayz jus like to dance n bullshit on tha track. n im from tha south (NC) but these niggaz got catz not knowin what real music is. what is sap n pop music none of tha shit is hot. So nigga fall back wait 4 Jayz cause aint 2 many other catz sayin something

  • dcfistival

    “it will drop at 600k”

    first week? you ARE buggingses.

    First week, maybe maybe 125K, and thats a STRETCH.

    or maybe the reason DefJam didn’t buy out Meth, Roots, or Ghostface inventory was to save money for jay’z flop.

  • Big 2win

    Yall must be buggin. Jay-Z never comes out without seling at least 400,000 copies in the first week. This one will be no exception. The buzz on that Show me what you got is crazy and that by far is not close to his best single. That song only got two verses

  • T-Writings

    LOST ONE- to me is a beautiful track. isn’t good music when someone can open up about personal shit, make u listen and think..while remaining relevant and this track does that…i mean do we really wanna hear a chop and screw type shit from an mc like Jay.. …the beat is a good choice because it forces one to focus on the lyrics and not on no melody, drums, keys orwhateva else….and from a business standpoint, he got people talking…guessing if it’s about Beyonce or not…All that is pre-meditated folks. this is why he is a great artist and a cleaver businessman…

  • Stone

    >>First week, maybe maybe 125K, and thats a STRETCH.

    125? You gotta be kidding. If Ludacris can drop 300k on a weak single than Jay-Z should be able to match that at the LEAST. I say he opens with about 350k which would make it a pretty high debut for hip-hop this year.

  • DeezDot

    I agree. As a Hov fan since Reasonable Doubt, I was kinda disappointed in “Show Me..” The beat was dope, the sound of the song is awesome. But is it a spin-worthy single? Nah! “Kingdom Come” is a MUCH better song. I have yet to hear “Lost Ones” though.

    I also agree that dude is not living in the PJ’s anymore. Hasn’t for years. We should not expect gutter, gully music from the “Prez of Hip Hop”. His music should have a regal sound, as “Show Me…” obviously has. But it should also be true to who he is and if it is, then we can’t hate on it.

  • T-Writings

    Let’s Leave JAY FOR A SEC!

    Y’all heard that new Nas track “The N.” Kinna gives me hope that hip-hop may do a 360 to some good shit.
    My thoughts…check it out @


  • warrior28

    You guys have to be shittin yourselves with all this hate. This is a beautiful song. Beautiful chorus, beat, and lyrics. All you wanna do is hate cause you dont like Jay.

  • Dee

    I like the song and the beat but I ain’t in a rush to buy anybody’s CD nowadays.

  • SeldomScene

    I’m not a jay-z fan by any means… but damm this one of the most soulful beats thats out right now. can’t recall how many times i’ve listen to this song, but its nice, specially from jay-z, still won’t rush out and buy the cd yet, but i’m watching it though!

  • Nekia

    i love this song…call me a sucker but it made me cry…

    Jay-Z is honestly the greatest, however many albums he sells is all irrelevant to me…this song has an awesome beat, wonderful message, and i love it…

    granted i dont buy cds, i would..for this one :)