New Jay-Z – Lost Ones


Jay-Z – Lost Ones
(from Nah Right)

New Jay-Z ish from Kingdom Come. I don’t know about y’all, but I think he’s phoning it in on this one. The rhymes sound a little sloppy, but the beat and the hook make up for it. I’ve heard from a source that there’s only a handful of quality singles on the album and most of it sounds rushed and below the level of his previous efforts.

Sometimes I think that Jay ran back into the studio because he feels like he has to personally keep Def Jam afloat. With the failure of the Ghostface album and The Roots experiment, DJ is look like like it might be on the ropes. “Show Me What You Got” was a killer single. Not exceptional, but it was enough for people to take notice of the album. But with hip-hop sales in the doldrums, people are gonna expect quality from an established artist like Jay. If he doesn’t bring it, then Def Jam is screwed.

But I do have to defend Jay on one thing…..the dude is not from Marcy anymore, so why do you want him to rap about “the streets?”