Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got Video

Damn, Jay-Z can pretty much do anything that he wants right now. Make a video with Dale Earnhart and Danica Patrick in Monaco? Sure….he’s muthaf**kin’ Jay-Z.You would think at this point that fast cars, fast women, and exotic locaitons would be played out by now, but somehow they make this video seem fresh. I don’t care much for NASCAR or Indy, but damn, do I love cars. And Jay is one of the few dudes who could actually buy the cars that he has in his video. Also the Pagani Zonda is my whip of choice on Gran Turismo 4 so I have some sentimental value in that.

All in all, it’s not a bad vid. I actually dig the song too, and I’m sure it will be played to death on your local Clear Channel radio station soon if it hasn’t already. I don’t think that Kingdom Come will be anything groundbreaking in terms of rap albums, but this dude does have the rap-pop formula down and has for years now. (Props to Concrete Loop)