For the Ladies: Amerie Mixtape/Amy Winehouse


Amerie – Take Control

So I figure that I would drop this as a public service since Amerie basically made The Couch Sessions what it is today. Homegirl is not afraid to try some new things on her album and you have to give her respect for dropping a new mixtape on her site for free.

Honestly, I’m not a real fan of Amerie’s voice, but dayum, those looks make up for it. “Take Control,” is a banger. Its not as sophisticated as the multi-layed pop that’s coming out from Nelly, Fergie and Bey these days but it doesnt try to be. Having that said, this single will be a banger, but her other stuff is eh.


Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own (via jeej, Ian)

And the internets are goin’ nuts over the UK’s Amy Winehouse. But damn people, I told y’all about her years ago. At first I had to get used to her voice, then I had to get used to her annoying, immature lyrics. But after that, she managed to drop Frank, one of the best albums in 2004. Frank was mix of R&B, pop, and hip-hop, with some overly jazz influences. The Brits pull off that cross-genre thing real well. “In My Bed” (which samples Nas) is a classic tune (Ian agrees),I would take this chick any day over Joss Stone.

Having that said, I listened to first single from her new album Back To Black and drew blank stares. It sounds like a drunk dude singing a karaoke show tune. Seems like she’s going for that Motown 60’s soul revival theme this time around which is getting majorly played out in my opinion. Hopefully after listening to the album I won’t have = to take back all the nice words I just said.