Album Review: Pete Rock – Underground Classics

I come to think that most of y’all who read this site long for the days of the early nineties when hip-hop was its peak. If you’re still stuck in that time warp, then you should check Underground Classics, the newest compilation of remixes and rarities from the Pete Rock collection. Most of the material on this disc was either dropped in limited quantities (most likely in Japan), relegated to the back of the crate, or simply never released.

The material from Underground Classics these tracks come from the mid to late nineties when the Puffy era of hip-hop took over, relegating anything deemed “underground” to the sidelines, however it sounds like classic Pete Rock production. Of course it features Pete’s weed carriers, INI and The UN who’s albums are selling for hundreds on eBay. The disc doesn’t contain any groundbreaking singles like T.R.O.Y, but “Boston,” “Back on the Block,” and “Situations” are standout tracks. In fact, the disc can be played from beginning to end without skipping a song.

The verdict: Underground Classics is a true underground hip-hop compilation for any fan who wants to relive rap music’s greatest era. Rap nerds rejoice.