You’re Pitiful….

by Rome

Weird Al Yankovic has a parody of “Ridin Dirty” titled White & Nerdy. Dude always seemed hella corny to me, however he’s flowing kinda crazy on this song. I don’t know if he sees himself as disrespecting hip hop music and culture, or a comedian who appreciates it, and reinterprets his love of it through song, but hes been at this for a while. I’m sure hes got some videos on Youtube you can find.

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  • Miss Hipstah

    Weird Al makes fun of all kinds of music, not just rap or hip hop. He just generally picks whatever is popular at the time. When New Kids On The Block was popular, he made a parody. When Nirvana was popular, he made a parody. When Coolio was popular, he made a parody and then nearly got shot.

    In a way what he does is makes fun of the people who are listening to the music, not so much the music itself.

  • Stone

    Dude makes fun of anything that’s popular. He made his name after making fun of Michael Jackson videos back in the day…too bad that the last time he was actually funny was around 1988.

    I’m surprised he’s doing hip-hop again after that whole Coolio fiasco.