What Happened to the Shows?


So in April, The Couch Sessions (okay Miss Hipstah) put on two incredible shows at DC9. The shows were off the hook, and generated some buzz around the community. Afterward, had acts from as far away as South Africa asking me to book dates. As fly as that sounds though, putting on a show in this city is a bitch and a half. Booking the venue is the easy part, but getting people out to an “alternative event” for acts that they don’t know about in DC is harder than getting that crack vile from Whitney’s hands.

Even still, I promised a lot of y’all that shows will return in the Fall. Well, the first day of Fall was this Saturday and guess what? Show’s aren’t coming. I’m just wrapped up in too many other things to start promoting shows right now, so there’s nothing on the agenda until at least Feburary/March. Hope that answers the question for those of you who asked.

However, I’m quietly looking for someone to promote shows using the Couch Sessions name. I’m taking my time with this, first, because I want someone to promote the music that I’m trying to promote (not some random hip-hop show, cause those are a dime a dozen) and second, because there are too many shady people out there who don’t return phone calls/email message and I’m not trying to get burned again.

I also had a bunch of y’all ask to write as well. I tried to open up TCS to other writers as a social experiment and it was a disaster. People committed to writing, then stopped, then didn’t return emails or phone calls. So we started out with eight writers and it rapidly dropped down to two. Almost all of them dropped out with no explanation whatsoever. No, “sorry, I can’t write for you” or anything. (I think that this is a Northern/Mid-Atlantic thing, because people don’t work this way down South).

I am going to slowly expand the site, but like I said I’m taking my time on how to do it. I might get one writer and one event coordinator or someone to do both. It will probably be someone who I know personally (or talk with on MySpace on a daily basis) so complete strangers might get the short shift.

I’ll let everybody know what’s up real soon.