Random Ish: Friday, September 22nd

I posted my first video on YouTube (late pass, I know). But this ish is hil arious.

My bad on not getting the J*Dilla Contest winners to y’all. Things have been busy and it slipped my mind. I’m out the door to Philly, but I’ll post the winners first thing Sunday night.

And yes, DP, Adult Swim Fix is the best broadband channel ever.

Next paycheck, I’m buying this and putting on my desk. So don’t mess with me.

I’m a big fan of The Game (no Oscar), and his first single is pretty hot if not for the played-out title. Maybe he doesnt need G-Unit after all??

I knew DC females were rough, but not THIS rough. (via MB)

And finally, they’re showing the original Nightmare on Elm Street at Hoffman tonight. Unfortunately, I won’t be here, but since most of y’all 80’s babies never saw it on the big screen its a definite good look.