Random Ish: Friday, September 15th


Is it not ironic that the only artist that I’m really excited for at the Black Luv Festival is not black? Actually, I thought I was the only black person who liked Esthero until I saw her at the 9:30 club that time (didn’t realize Esthero fans were rowdy like that). But I digress. Oh, Asheru, Chuck Brown, and Afi are performing as well.

Speaking of DC. The only women I can get down with in this town are interns. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the working women in this town need to check themselves.

I was walking through Dupont Circle the other day, and saw sirens, and helicopters. I figured its just a typical day in DC, but no, they had all of these cops out there to shoot a dog. In the middle of Dupont Circle at 6 in the afternoon. WTF?

Oh, and ya’ll like the podcast apparently. TCS just doubled our podcast subscribers in the past month. Expect more Podcast-wise soon.

Apple is making moves as always. iTunes 7 is a much needed update and they dropped not only an 80GB iPod, but a new Nano and shrunk the size of the shuffle again. They started selling movies on iTunes, but it ain’t worth it for $9.99. Wait until they drop the new video iPod at least.

Oh, and ABC is offering the season finale of Lost on iTunes for FREE. Get it while you can.

RIP Steve Irwin, September 11th Victims

Anyway, I’m out for the weekend. Peace.