Podcast 014: More Random Ish

by Winston "Stone" Ford


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A couple of yall are asking what happened to the interviews that we used to do for the Podcast. Well, what happened was, I took the summer off from doing interviews, and it’s been almost impossible to schedule artists for a sit down. I had to turn down a couple of major interviews because of scheduling conflicts on my part, and then I had some major artists either cancel or push their albums/pr back. Add to that, other artists that I’m playing phone/email tag with, and you got the idea.

Until, I get the interview thing straightened out, you have…..what….more Random Ish. Most of these songs have made its way onto the site, but since I’m still reeling from all the MP3s that I lost when my computer crashed, so what you see, is what you get. I went a little crazy on the Wale Oyejide (and butchered his name in the process), but I forgot how good that album was. Cop it.

  1. Marv Ellis and Cosmos – When It Hits
  2. DJ Shadow freaturing Phonte – Backstage Girl
  3. Wale Oyejide featuring J Dilla – There’s A War Going On
  4. Wale Oyejide featuring TaRaach- One Day Everything Changed
  5. Killer Mike – That’s Life


  1. Joy Denelane featuring Lupe Fiasco – Change

  2. Free Speech and Ro Blvd – Cali
  3. J Dilla – In The Streets
  4. Deaf In The Family featuring Bavu Blakes – Southern Man

**Bonus Tracks**

  1. Wale Oyejide featuring MF Doom – This Goes Out
  2. The Roots – Don’t Feel Right

    • ListenToLeon

      You saw that shirt this weekend at Adams Morgan Day, didn’t you? LOL

      That local brand caught my eye with the shirts they had on display at their booth on Sunday. It was another one I really liked, but I can’t remember off the top of my head…

    • Stone

      saw it….man, I bought it and i’m wearing tonight

      are you thinking of the “eat up fatty?” shirt?

      oh, and found your blog via the black weblog awards….congrats