Nicolay = The Largest Ipod Ever Built


Nicolay is tall. I mean, the dude is basketball player tall. Yes, everyone is pretty much tall next to me, but good lawd, the dude is huge. I just had to get that out of the way.

The Dutch master was in DC for the Here album release party at Anzu in Adams Morgan. I wasn’t going to go initially, because dammit I gotta work, but relented at the last moment, probably because my only other option was to sit at home and watch Pinky and the Brain on DVD.

Sadly though, the event was nothing special. I know that listening parties are just for that…to listen. But geez, can ya’ll have a little more excitment in DC? As a “laid back” producer, Nicolay is never known for bringing the party atmosphere, but good lawd, if you’re a fan of underground hip-hop then you should’ve been going crazy last night. The whole thing reminded me of a high school dance, albeit with posers standing on the walls trying to look cool. Of course, coming from the South, where we have that “drop it like its hot” philosophy of partying, I’m not really surprised.

With the crowd not getting into it, the fact that Nicolay was spinning ended up being a non issue with me. Yes, it’s a listening party, but you could’ve dropped his album on an iPod and had the same effect. Instead of having him spin, the Living Room Group (the people who put on the party) should’ve had him work the crowd and drum up interest for the album instead.

Speaking of the album, the tracks I heard from Here were pretty good. I havne’t been able to get my hands on the full album (BBE get at me), but Here looks to be a solid release. I hope to have a review real soon.