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TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me

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TV On The Radio – Dirty Whirl

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Since I’m not really into er, traditional hip-hop that much these days, people automatically assume that I’m a fan TV on the Radio. Well, I’m sorry people, I just can’t get into this. Much respect for what they do, and they have enough Stans to get signed to Interscope. But maybe I’m just missing something? It’s just too complex for me to understand.

Granted, people have said that about Lupe Fiasco and The Roots, so to each their own.

The thing about TV On The Radio that people have explained to me is that you have to listen to the tracks multiple times to get what they’re trying to do. I got some pre-release MP3s in the inbox and I’ve been sitting on these tracks for the past couple of weeks. I wasn’t going to even post them, but since some people asked, I’m providing them as a public service. After a few listens, I’m getting into TVOTR, but its taking more time for me to grasp than most other bands. Dirty Whirl is slowly becoming a new jam though.

Their latest album, Return to Cookie Mountain is in stores now.