MTV 6000?

mtv6000.jpgDuring the MTV VMA Awards, some dude got up on stage saying that he was Sixx, and that MTV never gave him his own show. Then he told everyone to go to MTV6000 for more info (which people did since the servers crashed). The best part of the whole thing was Jennifer Lopez doing her best Mike Myers impression while trying not the show that she was freaked out. And all I have to say is that if your security is hella lax if you let a big black dude make his way onto into the stage. I’m not saying that to be racist or exude self hate, but we all know that black people are usually the first ones to be carted off at these things (ask K’naan).

Crashing awards shows isn’t’ new or original, but just like golf, I’m not surprised that black people are taking it over. But we bring the hustle: naturally, the dude is trying to sell you a video. From the Hood to Hollywood, is a downloadable video that chronicles Sixx and his friends exploits in crashing industry events. Rolling Stone calls it is supposedly, “an urban jackass.” Like we ever needed one. From the preview it looks like some junk that would be cool on YouTube or a Myspace page, but I would rather give my .99 cents to the homeless dude who sat next to me on the Metro today. I’m just sayin…

I do have to say that although I can’t stand BET, the BET Awards are light years better than the MTV VMAs. The only good things about the MTV awards this year weren’t even produced by MTV. Mos Def getting arrested in front of Radio City for singing “Katrina Clap” was a cool, although desperate attempt at attention, and the Ok Go treadmill thing was off the hook even though they weren’t even nominated for an award. Go figure.

And yes, MTV is starting to play less and less hip-hop.