Lupe Goes After Bol

by Winston "Stone" Ford


First it was Bun B, and now Lupe Fiasco is trying to go at Bol in his guest blog at XXL. In the blog entitled “Lupe Fiasco Presents…Byron Crawford is a bitch ass nigga!“, the Chicago MC regurgitates every line that people have used to criticize Bol for the past 2 years.

Most of your dribble and banter is based on your own ignorant opinions and lacking ability to say anything credible or of any substance…Critique technical points on the album or a nigga energy at a live show or something that is “ABLE” to be critiqued. The shit you say is no different than a hating-ass chat room poster who just talks to get attention…Stop being a black Bill O’Reilly!!!…Bitch ass nigga…

I remember when Bol was just a random blogger who left random ass comments on my old site when he got drunk. Now the dude’s name is getting dropped by some of the biggest names in the industry. Crazy how the blog world is taking over. But when MC’s with record labels, go after Bol, they just validate him and his status. If the dude is just a “laptop nigga” like Bun B said, then what he says shouldn’t matter. You get what I’m sayin’?

I would rather have Lupe use his platform at XXL to talk about the your making your album, getting into the industry, or even a tour diary at the least. Lupe, you’re the most talented MC’s to come to hip-hop in the past decade (if you have a problem with that statement let me know in the comments), but going after Bol is an obvious move.

  • Jerome Baker

    I don’t think Lupe validated dude at all. A large part of Lupes fan base consists of people he has so closely (at least in their minds) connected with over the internet – whether it be thru myspace, his Hypebeast blog, or his okayplayer postings. So essentially you have an internet savvy artist going after a critic who has no substantial merit other than “the mindset army”.

    Somebody had to say something to dude, just because he talks real random. I’m sure this will have the internets buzzing just long enough for people to stop buring their versions of Food & Liquor and go out and cop the real version. Its a solid marketing move to say the least.

  • dcfist

    Why do all these ‘guest blog posts’ sound like they were written by Bol?

    This shit is so gay (no lupe)


  • Dwane

    byron crawford sucks. why are you defending him? dude used to be funny, but fell off in…let’s see..2005. the last straw for me was when he tried to go to okayplayer just to start fights. reminds me of something i would do i n 6th grade.

  • Stone

    Nah, I wasn’t defending Bol, I’m just saying that Lupe going after bol in his guest blog is played out. As someone who reads XXL on the daily, I would rather him talk about his album, promotion, etc. (which he did in his other two blog posts)

    And if Lupe’s fan base is strictly on the internet, then he isn’t gonna sell any albums. The fanbase for Snakes on a Plane was on the internet and that movie flopped.

  • Ms.Marsha

    Lupe is undoubtably the freshest MC to appear in a LONG time. Hot hot hot album. I wasn’t aware of the XXL guest blog [clearly, i’m slippin] so thanks for the heads up. Keep blogging, it’s hot…

  • DigThis

    Who is Bol?

  • Stone
  • Dmax

    Not sure I can agree that Lupe is the best MC to come out in a decade, a decade which also produced Phonte Coleman & Supastition. I like Lupe, but he’s definitely not touch Phonte on the MC skills. Supastition is a favorite of mine as well. I can understand the argument that he’s killing the “mainstream” with lyrics and a fresh persona. But Te’s been killing it & will continue.

  • His M-inence

    I only know who this Crawford character is because Lupe said his name in an interview.

    Its a lose-lose situation in dealing with critics of any sort, but I think Lupe made the better decision in choosing to respond.