Let’s Get Some Baltimore Beats

I’m gonna be working about 10 hours today if I’m lucky, so I’m going to be tied up today and tomorrow. Until then, check out these tracks.


Spank Rock Rejawned

YoYoYoYoYo is probably one of my favorite CD’s of the year and this remix album is almost as good as the original. When Spank dropped their acapellas Jay-Z style, I knew I would come across some duds, but this is quality from start to finish. More remixes from Leif @ his MySpace.


Trackademiks – The Spring Progress Report

Also, this Trackademiks Mixtape is sick. I think I’ve racked up so many listens to this jawn that my iPod is about to blow. This is just insane. No words can describe the genius that is contained here. And by the way, I’m declaring Hoodtronix as the next big hip-hop genre.