But My Bills Through the Roof, Can’t Do Numbers Like The Roots

by Rome

You all should be ashamed. I don’t think anyone who reads this site is a fan of “commericial” hip hop (hope that assumption doesn’t come back to bite). That said only 61,000 people bought the new Roots album. I understand the triple video-no single-on-the-radio campaign wasn’t the smartest but YOU new it was droppin. ?love dropped big myspace bulletins about it and since you check that daily you knew the time.

How the f*ck do they move LESS units than Method Man who had no single/video (I heard he had $37 as a promo budget) in this day and age? I know Shaolin didn’t buy all those copies. Thing about it is Black Though is still nice with his. Dude spits his heart out on every track for what? I’m not a purist dude (sometimes I want to bounce to the left and let me shoulder lean), but its a wrap for these dudes. I’m starting to think that 350,000 albums sold is the new platinum.

Just had to rant, continue on…

  • Deck

    roots crew people are internet saavy. they just download it but they always sell out shows

  • dcfistival

    Buying a roots album is so 1999. which brings me to my letter.

    Dear The Roots,

    Hip Hop (writ large) has grown tired of you.

    Thanks for the many classic albums, now please fade away into obscurity.

    Spare me the guilt trips about not buying your album, maybe I’ll come see you on your 75 dollar a ticket reunion show.

    And Black Thought – yes, you are the bestest MC ever! Well other than Jay-Z and Nas. Too bad you havent really been that creative, relevant or exciting since the 90s.

    And to you Questlove – just because you are the most awesomest hip hop drummer alive doesn’t mean you get to single handedly decide who’s dope and who’s not. I mean, you put on Little Brother?

    Okay Players, discuss this in your webiverse.

    DC FIST I. Cuffs.

  • Stone

    I never pegged them to sell more than 75k. Young Dro did a little over 100,000 and “shoulder lean” was all over the radio. I don’t think ANY rap album has dropped this year and done over 150,000 in its first week.

    The only people buying CD’s right now are 15 year old girls. Hits predicts Beyonce is going to do 600,000 copies next week. WTF???

  • Dwane

    >Hip Hop (writ large) has grown tired of you.

    no, hip-hop has grown tired of haters like you have you even LISTENED to the album?

    >Thanks for the many classic albums, now please fade away into obscurity.

    dude, do us all a favor go and listen to your laffy taffy shit and go back to your dorm and jerk off. the roots have done nothing but MAKE CLASSIC ALBUMS. you would know that if you actually listened to them

    >Too bad you havent really been that creative, relevant or exciting since the 90s.

    you’re kidding right? tell me you’re kidding

  • dcfist

    Dwayne. No, i’m not just a clever little hater with an internet connection. And I’m not rocking Laffy Taffy in my Dorm Room. Beyond that, let’s get a couple more things clear.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard the album.

    2. The roots have made classic albums, yes. But after Things Fall Apart, well, things fell apart.

    3. On Black Thoughts Creativity Relevance and Exciting-ness. See The Tipping Point…

    I mean, come on. Yeah cuz is nice. He can rhyme is ass off. He’s ill live. He writes really good songs about how much he loves hip hop, or how much he likes the girls he meets on the road, or how ill an MC he is. But, i don’t know. shit is just boring to me.

  • Dwane

    >shit is just boring to me

    then rock laffy taffy. the roots don’t need you

  • dcfist

    actually Dwane, the Roots DO need me, or else they and their stans wouldn’t be bitching about me not buying the album.

    and for the record, I’m not rocking laffy taffy or any of the snap and trap hyphy slash crunk bullshit out there. i’d rather listen to do you want more or some classic wu than the bullshit that passes for hip hop in 2006.

    oh and by the way, in a conversation with another hip hop head about the roots, he mentioned that he didn’t buy the album because of the promotional tour they did for kkKool ciggarettes. Go head and smoke on that…