But My Bills Through the Roof, Can’t Do Numbers Like The Roots


You all should be ashamed. I don’t think anyone who reads this site is a fan of “commericial” hip hop (hope that assumption doesn’t come back to bite). That said only 61,000 people bought the new Roots album. I understand the triple video-no single-on-the-radio campaign wasn’t the smartest but YOU new it was droppin. ?love dropped big myspace bulletins about it and since you check that daily you knew the time.

How the f*ck do they move LESS units than Method Man who had no single/video (I heard he had $37 as a promo budget) in this day and age? I know Shaolin didn’t buy all those copies. Thing about it is Black Though is still nice with his. Dude spits his heart out on every track for what? I’m not a purist dude (sometimes I want to bounce to the left and let me shoulder lean), but its a wrap for these dudes. I’m starting to think that 350,000 albums sold is the new platinum.

Just had to rant, continue on…