Baltimore is Having the Best Year Ever


Diablo – Round My Hood

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Baltimore gets a lot of crap from people in DC, but the city as a whole is blowin’ up. First, there’s The Wire, one of the best shows on television, bringing the plights of inner-city B-more into homes around the world. Then, there’s Baltimore club, which is blowin’ up this year, thanks much in part to hipsters (but they are making the best music in 2006, so you can’t really front on them at all). You know that you’ve blown up when you have Baltimore Club parties in London and Stockhom.

In DC, we should be jealous. No one cares about go-go north of Laurel.

Of course, the New York Times, in their quest for hipness, has gotten on the train and written their own article about Baltimore. And non-Baltimore club hip-hop is set to blow up. I’ve been feelin’ Baltimore Club ever since I heard “There’s Some Ho’s In This House,” when I was living in North Carolina, but I’m definitely going to check Baltimore hip-hop. Diablo, who’s mentioned in the article is gonna be on the names of all the New York hipters now. I’m feelin’ his tracks but don’t know much about him. This particular track is from the Hampsterdam to Hollywood mixtape. If you don’t know about Hampsterdam, then you havn’t been watching The Wire.

Speaking of The Wire, my bad for not posting about The Wire screening and Q-and-A session with David Chase (series creator/producer) tonight in DC. Unfortunately at this point all the RSVP’s are taken, but they have a wait list that I suggest you get on. I’m pissed because I haven’t finished watching season 3 on DVD, so watching an episode from Season 4 is going to mess me up, but the Q-and-A will make up for that.