And We Gon Keep Gettin Paper…

by Rome

New ‘Lo?

Yes sir, peep the tracklisting:
1. Suga Willie Intro
2. 82 Afros
3. Lo Lean
4. Digi Know
5. Suga Willie’s Revenge
6. Zoom
7. 52
8. Gimmie Dat
9. Flawless (skit)
10. Suga Lo’s Serenade
11. Suga Lo’s Luv
12. I Couldn’t Careless?
13. Ganja Lounge
14. Stone & Roberts
15. Good Green
16. Material
17. Bed Rock

Fort Apache, The Mixtape Album

  • Stone

    Aww snap! It’s about time.

  • dcfist

    they never should have let jay z steal those tracks…

  • Liam

    please reupload, i would love to hear this mixtape! Thanks for the other stuff

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