Album Preview: K-OS – Atlantis

Update: The Seekwill is actually the first track off Atlantis. I removed the MP3 link and put the video link above. This track is fire.

Two years ago, K-OS messed around and dropped one of my favorite albums. If you’re disillusioned with hip-hop in 2006 (dcfist?) then I suggest you check Joyful Rebellion. It’s just one of those albums that you can play from start to finish. In fact, you can play this album backwards and forwards for 5 days straight and not get tired of it. That is a definition of a true classic, my friends.

He’s back at it again with a new album entitled Atlantis, which drops in Canada on October 10th. The first single, “Sunday Morning,”leaked on his MySpace page this week. At first listen, it wasn’t a standout tune for me. But after repeated listens, it’s grown on me. It’s not a hip-hop track, but more of a pop dance track. Something that the Black Eyed Peas used to do well before they sold out. The hook it’s pretty damn catchy, and unlike some pop tracks (Sexyback, the abomination called Ring The Alarm) you can actually dance to this one.

If you don’t know who this dude is, then its not your fault. It took more than 2 years for JR to get released in the states. WTF is up with Canadian MC’s not getting any promotion in the US? It seems like UK MC’s get more play over here. Anyway, Big R at Surmish says he’s the B-boy version of Andre 3000. He reminds me more of Will.I.Am, or Wyclef, and not because they all look like they’re related. (Props: