You Can Find Me…..On H St. NE?


So as of now, I’ve just been put onto The Red and The Black as well as The Rock and Roll Hotel. Has anybody been yet? Are they concert halls or 930 club type spots? On H St NE?

Man 15 kids got robbed out there a few weekend MORNINGS ago waiting in line to cop Js so the area isn’t completely devoid of the local, um flavor, but venues like that are a great look for any neighborhood. I know there are condos going up on 4th and H, are they still going to open a Whole Foods around there?

Is this a case of gentrification or improving the neighborhood? Are area go-go bands going to be playing in these venues or is it strictly a rock-techno DJ kind of spot? Someone drop some knowledge.

Also Lupe Fiasco and Method Man are gonna be @ Love on Friday night.