Wordsworth: Mirror Music


I have to admit that I’ve strayed the path of what the Couch Sessions is supposed to represent. We started out as the “opposite of mainstream,” promoting unsigned and underhyped artists. A year later, the whole “promoting unsigned artists” part seemed to go out the window for a while. But since I’ve promised you guys more independent hip-hop music, I’m trying to make good on it. Here goes.

Wordsworth is a Brooklyn MC that has been making a buzz on the underground scene for a while, with guest spots on Masta Ace and A Tribe Called Quest records, and his co-creation of the highly underrated Lyricists Lounge show on MTV. Unfortunately, he’s not associated with any mixtape kings or weed carrying syndicates (Dipset, G-Unit), so you might not have heard about him. He did make a lot of noise during the 2004 elections when he digtally went head to head against George W. for a poetry slam promotion.

Wordsworth has been laying low since he released his full length album, titled Mirror Music in 2004. Mirror Music is one of those albums that sounds like it was dropped in 1994 rather than 2004, and according to the MC it was crafted that way intentionally. At over 20 tracks, Mirror Music is a beast, with the MC effortlessly flowing from one track to another. His moniker of Wordsworth is true, because I’ve rarely heard an MC craft words the way this dude does.

Wordsworth is currently in the middle of a European tour. You can get Mirror Music here.