UK Hip-Hop: Sway

I’m content with the fact that UK Hip-hop will never catch on here, no matter how hard people try to push it. (Note: I don’t consider MIA, Lady Sov, or Lily Allen hip-hop.) Unfortunately, people in the US think that other countries just aren’t gully enough. But truthfully, there are neighborhoods in Europe that will make you bust out singing, “Im Proud to be an American,” with a country twang at the next karaoke night.

Enter Sway DaSafo. The UK rapper has been on the scene in the over there for a while now, dropping two mixtapes, a feature album, 5 videos, and even beating out 50 Cent and Game for a best hip-hop MOBO award in the UK. And at 23, he’s done it all independently, with no major label support. In fact, he’s turned down several high profile record deals.

The dude’s style swings from grime, to a little dirty south, and back again. His flow is more on par with most US rappers, but in the end, Sway definitely keeps it British. Check the video for “Little Derek,” one of the best hip-hop vids I’ve seen all year.

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