The Next Hotness: Wale Oyejide


WaleOyejide – There’s A War Going On (feat Dilla)
Wale Oyejide – Africa Future (from AfricaHot – The Afrofuture Sessions Mixtape)
This is Dedicated To (feat MF Doom)
Wale – Jump N Funk (from AfricaHot – The Afrofuture Sessions Mixtape)

I’ve been meaning to write about Wale Oyejide for a hot minute. I copped One Day Everything Changed a while back based on his collaboration with J Dilla, and its become an essential part of my music collection ever since.

Wale is of Nigerian decent, but he calls the ATL home. His music is a collaboration of Fela Kuti Afrobeat with hip-hop and left field R&B/Broken Beat. Although One Day Everything Changed was below the radar of even the most knowledgeable music writers, his collabos with Dilla and now Wajeed of PPP proves that the dude may be the next thing in urban music.

Wale’s new mixtape, Africahot – The Afrofutre Sessions is more afrobeat focused than his previous efforts, the disc tries to get the public’s attention on war, poverty and corruption in the motherland. It features collabos with Wajeed, Meczilla (of Banned in DC performers Slack Republic), and Bugz In Da Attic.

The mixtape drops on September 5th, but before then, cop One Day Everything Changed because you won’t be disappointed.

And on a sidenote, you may notice that I’m blogging less and less about traditional hip-hop these days. It’s not that I don’t like hip-hop (cause I do), but I’ve been bombarded with hip-hop for the past 6 months and ya boy just needs an escape for a while. No offense. There is more to black music than hip-hop. Y’all know where to go if you need your hip-hop fix, so don’t front.