Spec Boogie – On My Grind

Spec Boogie - On My Grind Cover.jpg

Download (RAR File):

I got an email about this a couple days ago, and I’m only just getting around to posting it. It’s from Brooklyn MC Spec Boogie. No relation to Mick Boogie I presume. Anyway, this Mixtape is blowing up around the Internets so I’m definitely taking a look.

Update: So I listened to it and it’s okay. Not bad, but not great. But it’s free!

Speaking of mixtapes, I have an idea for one that I’ve been thinking up. All I need is the right MC (who’s not afraid to take a little risk) and the right DJ. Interetsted? Get at me.


01 Got It Like That 2:03
02 How Does It Feel? 2:14
03 Raspy Shit 3:33
04 Best Friend 4:22
05 Number One (f. Von Pea) 2:54
06 Show You How To Hustle 3:34
07 Baby (f. DonWill) 2:12
08 Stay With Me (f. Elucid) 2:50
09 Take It Off 1:42
10 Keep It Playa (f. Che Grand) 4:02
11 I Really Like You 3:13
12 Young Girl (f. Takenya Quann) 3:09
13 You Can Do It Too (f. Cyren Young) 5:22