Random Ish: Monday, August 7th, 2006

First up, check out Rome’s Negrotronix project. Good look on all of the suggestions coming in so far. This is real people. Also peep two new mixes over at Better Than Yours.

Second, vote for The Couch Sessions in this year’s Black Weblog Awards. I don’ t think we got a chance in the best hip-hop category, but we got the Best Podcast and Best Web Design on lock. Right?

Mos Def – Boogie Man – Saw this track a couple months ago and thought it was a discarded track from The New Danger but its actually the first single off of Mos’ new release True Magic.

Think the our heat wave and 100 degree temps are unusual? Get used to it. Watch An Inconvenient Truth. It will definitely open your eyes to the climate change that’s happening in the world right now.

Oh, and Bush is rewriting welfare rules to dissuade welfare mothers from going to college.

Guys is it ok for us to call a female a b*tch when she is being lewd, spiteful or overbearing? Society says no, but I know too many women who love to live up to that term.

Why does the Outkast Big Boi video for “Morris Brown,” look like a rejected skit from Pee Wee’s Playhouse?

Flavor of Love: Never have I seen a show so quickly reverse the gains made in the women’s rights movement and the civil rights movement in less than an hour. But is entertaining television though.

And when will the Weather dude and the Traffic lady from Fox 5 morning news get it on? Seriously, every morning when I want to see weather and traffic I have to sit through those two flirting like a bad first date.

I can’t afford custom kicks, but if you got the money like that, check out
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RIP Phil (Katrina is a b*tch)

RIP Junior (Never got to know you until it was too late)