Random Ish: Friday, August 18th

Sup people?

It’s 80s Baby week at XXL.com, and in keeping with the theme, they dropped the 80 most influential people born in the 80s. I hope they were joking because this list is a little suspect.

Get your misogyny on! Girls Don’t Like Boys, Girls Like Cars and Money and the latest Kreg and Dez Show Podcast.

Cassie can’t sing. Are we shocked? I figured that most people knew that their favorite pop stars couldn’t hold a note to save their lives. But if she cooks chicken like she claims she does, then its all good.

Pop music is like wrestling. You know its fake, but you watch anyway.

Speaking of wrestling, I ended up seeing Booker T (King Booker?) when he was arriving at MCI Center for Smackdown. Dude was built.

And meanwhile, some real celebrites were parting down the street. How can I get down with this??

Speaking of DC, youth crime is on the rise. If some 12 year old tries to come near my cell phone or my iPod, I will beat his a$$.

So most people don’t like the new design. I’m slowly working on a redesign. I’m also working on some other interesting next level Web 2.0 ish that I should debut pretty soon.

Anyway, I’m off to Philly. Lata people!