New Music: Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Free Speech and Ro Blvd – Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth (Zip File)

When someone gives me music to post, its either great (Marv Ellis and Cosmos) or sucks mad bottom (Spec Boogie). Ever since the Spec Boogie thing, I’ve been hella skeptical about the free albums that I post, because I don’t wanna get burned and have commentors like DCFIST come after me.

But Laffy Taffy Rots Your Teeth, the new jawn from LA-based rapper Free Speech (and his LA-Based producer Ro. Blvd) is solid. It’s one of the few albums I’ve gotten this week that I’ve enjoyed off the first listen.

According to the website, “Commercial rap has patronized hip-hop culture with endorsements of blackface and buffoonery for far too long. This is the counter-current to the mainstream — powerful music that massages the intellect and moves your feet.” With that statement, you know that they aren’t going to throw any club bangers at you.

But alas it does sound like almost every other underground hip-hop album out there (but at least the beats are better than The Minstrel Show), and the whole backpacker-entric “why are you talking about bling in your video?” thing is just getting old. But at least do what they do well. Free Speech has a wicked flow and the beats from Ro. Blvd are on point.


01. Intro // Free Speech
02. Shake Your Laffy Taffy // Free Speech
03. Become of Me // Free Speech
04. I Wish // Plat
05. Everything is Different Now // Free Speech
06. Come and Go // Stereo Type
07. Replace U // Stereo Type feat. Free Speech
08. Lovin’ Cali // Free Speech
09. Kick, Push (RAD Edition) // Lupe Fiasco
10. Brekfast Club P.S.A. #1 // Ro Blvd., Free Speech, & TalkSik

  • CJ85

    The Spec Boogie jawn is a million times better than the Pharell album. Dude is nice as fuck.

  • dcfist

    That’s right bitches. dcfist! what. just kidding, i’m gonna listen to this joint. Hey, its like the Minstrel Show, only different. Ok player?

  • dcfist

    OK. Here we go…

    1. Is it bad? No, not really. It’s well put together, the beats are ok, and cuz can rhyme.

    2. Does that mean it’s good?

    Not really. It’s not next level. It’s just average local hip hop.

    The beats are very 9th wondery, and cuz sounds like a little brother.

    Plus, its not that creative. Oohhh, look he’s using the hook of a song he derides to diss it. Isn’t that so post modern?! Oh, and he reinterprets the ode to hip hop days gone (a la common). Please do we really need more shit like this? Yeah, its good for your myspace page, and maybe they can bring out 50 or 100 of their friends out for a show in their home city. But does this really deserve it’s status as a ‘meme’ in the hip hop blogosphere?

    It totally reminds me of that era 10 FUCKING years ago, after Stakes is High dropped, and the second Jeru album dropped, when every backpacker MC was out to save hip hop….

    Or maybe it’s just that hip hop sucks so much these days, that anything that doesn’t suck instantly gets propped up like its some next level shit…

    The digital era of hip hop has opened the flood gates on mediocre shit. Back in the day, this album never would have gotten pressed to wax or made any impact on college radio. But in 2006 – anything goes.

  • Stone

    Ha ha, Sorry this didn’t get the DCFIST seal of approval. This definitely ain’t some next level ish….entertaining hip-hop, but i definitely agree with you on some points. I’m tired of people complaining about the lack of good hip-hop and not making good hip-hop. But still, what is real hip-hop these days?

  • dcfist

    plus, everybody knows that Laffy Taffy was the front for an extensive investigation by the NY state Att. General’s office.

  • RJ Orosco

    lyrically Free Speech is talented, and has a definite unique sound. Ro Blvd is on the level and respects to other top producers (kanye). Ro Blvd gives you his music from the heart. who can turn down music from the heart?! honestly…’Calisthenix’ the album from Free Speech & Nameles, only $10.00 for 29 tracks plus get a free DJ LOW KEY mixtape which features NaS, J Dilla, Little Brothter, Median, and so many more on 31 tracks! or

    ‘Keep supporting real hip hop, and we’ll keep supporting you’ …what is real hip hop?…if you have to ask, then you’re one lost cat. one.

  • vdime

    ok so like any hip hop freak i jumped at the opportunity to get at some free music and also like any hip hop freak i was anxious to hear anything that claimed it would tear mainstream ‘bullshit rap’ to shreads. with that said, i enjoyed this. yes at one point i was certain that this was a 9th wonder production and that this was some little brother affiliate project, but thats not really a bad thing.

    however, as much as we want to say whats good and whats not good, we have to reallize the motivation behind things. shit like laffy taffy or any other club song with a fat beat is simple for a reason. people dont want to think about deep meaninful metaphorical lyrics when they are slizzered on the dance floor at the local club. all they want to do is shake their damn laffy taffy ass to a nice groove and try to focus their energy on finding a nice dude to snag. bullshit rap is good at what it tries to do, and nobody has to like it. i can admit that as much as i cant stand the retarded lyrics of our friend lil john, his songs still make me get hyped when im cruisin in my friends car and his subs are blastin.

    all in all, definately worth a listen for any hip hop head, and these cats are doin their thing on a real level, so definately worth RESPECT, which means a lot more than money clothes and hoes to some people.

  • Dj Insizion

    check out